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what is wordpress SEO friendly permalink?


what is wordpress SEO friendly permalink?


wordpress seo friendly permalink

hi beginners,well in this article we will communicate with which the best wordpress seo friendly permalink.wp developers need to know seo friendly structure.because,we need traffic from search engine.wordpress is the most powerful CMS for developers.we know about wordpress,we know the wordpress is a SEO friendly Content Management System.but if you never use the wordpress SEO maintain system you can lose your wp traffic from search engine.so all we need to know which is the best selection for wordpress seo.well,did you try to seo with your wp site?done – you can with us.we are going to writing more essential content around wordpress seo,but in this tutorial just need to know which the best selection of wordpress SEO friendly structure or permalink.



What is the Permalink?

above image we can seen http://howtrick.com/wp-tutorials/manually-wordpress-installing it’s a post link. /wp-tutorials/ it is the category there have posted /manually-wordpress-installing/ so it’s a permalink,and this is the seo friendly permalink.when you can search with a keyword or how to type searching you also get result’s look like below image.

this is a google search result.here we can seen some bold text. /manually-wordpress-installing/ it is a seo friendly permalink.and google can get it a valuable permalink.google,bing,yahoo etc search engine get valuable permalink structure.so, it’s a valuable permalink for seo.


WP permalink setting instructions

so now we will setting up wp permalink setting.how to setting the best permalink or seo friendly permalink?don’t worry,i just try to teach you how to setting the best seo friendly url for your wordpress site.at first go to your wordpress dashboard and navigate from Settings>>Permalinks then you can see look like this image below.

here you can seen six options to setting up the permalink structure,which the best?first options Plain and its default setting for wordpress permalink.but it’s not a seo friendly permalink,you can see Custom Structureoption.yes it is the best for seo friendly structure.here /%category%/%postname%/ means http://yoursite.com/categoryname/postname/ so its a big and useful or valuable permalink for your wordpress seo with the permalink.so i can suggest you to make your wordpress permalink with the custom structure.


Creating Custom URL Structure with Available Tags

you can make your own style permalink however, there are plenty of other combinations you can create using tags. Here is a list of tags that you can use to create your own custom URL structure

* %year% – The year of the post, four digits, for example 2016.

* %monthnum% – Month of the year, for example 05

*  %day% – Day of the month, for example 28

* %hour% – Hour of the day, for example 15

* %minute% – Minute of the hour, for example 43

* %second% – Second of the minute, for example 33

* %postname% – A sanitized version of the title of the post (post slug field on Edit Post/Page panel). For example, if your post title is This Is A Great Post! It would become this-is-a-great-post in the URL.

* %post_id% – The unique ID # of the post, for example 423

* %category% – A sanitized version of the category name (category slug field on New/Edit Category panel). Nested sub-categories appear as nested directories in the URI.

* %author% – A sanitized version of the author name.

Don’t forget to click on the save changes button after choosing your permalink structure.if you want to make your permalink in your own style just use the above structures using slash like that: /%author%/%year%/%postname%/ it will be output: http://yoursite.com/authorname/2016/postname/


hope this tutorial help you to incrase your search traffic using the best URL or permalink structure.


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