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extremely you need some useful wordpress functions


extremely you need some useful wordpress functions



hi users,today i’m going to give you some useful functions for wordpress.this tutorials writing for wp beginners who want to make new features for there wordpress platform.if you are a beginner and want to create useful functions for users interface and get better ranking with users choose,you just need to follow my created functions.


we also know that how valuable the wordpress functions.php file and how to make more functions for users and admins shortcut.In your WordPress theme folder, there lays the most powerful theme file known as functions.php. As the name suggests, this file adds unique functions to your WordPress installation. This file works just like a plugin within your theme. So you can modify/override WordPress core features without editing any core file. If used correctly, this file can do wonders for your WordPress site. It also speeds up development because you can have all the codes at one place. In this article, we will share some of the most incredible and most wanted tricks for the WordPress functions.php file.


Add Custom WP Dashboard Logo

just place this code to your wordpress function.php file and change the image url link.upload a logo that you want to display,and place this image location link in this below code.

Change WP admin dashboard footer credit

it’s a great functions that allow you to change the admin area’s wordpress credit to your own.this function you can set wp dashboard admin footer credit look like this below image.

change wp dashboard footer credit

just place this code to function.php file to your wordpress site.

the above code just change the link and name to your choice.

Dynamic Copyright Date in WordPress Footer

this code properly automated update your copyright date.if you don’t go online all time this code also help you like a robot.Often you will come across sites with outdated copyright dates. Some sites show the current year as their copyright date. Both of these are annoying, and it shows that the site designer was lazy. In order to give your users a little background info about your site, you should display the copyright date as such: © 2015 – 2016. We can do this by simply pasting the following code:

This function looks for the date of your first post, and the date of your last post. It then echos the years wherever you call the function.


next tutorial i also give you more useful wp functions code.


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