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Make best custom functions for wordpress


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make best custom functions for wordpress – hi guys,today we will discuss with some useful custom functions for your wordpress site.this tutorial you also get more useful wordpress functions for wp theme.there i will give you many wp functions for your wp users let’s start to start wp manual best custom functions.wordpress admin also want to make there site with customization.but if they haven’t skill of php functions or wordpress codex,they can’t create functions for there wordpress site.if they know how to make php functions,then they can make there site very useful.but have a idea,if you are a new admin of wordpress development,you are in the right place,just read this articles and make your functions most better.


Hidden Admin Feature displaying

the little piece of code does something pretty cool. It will add an additional option to your settings menu with a link to “all settings” which will show you a complete list of all the settings you have within your database related to your wordpress site. The code below will only made this link visible to an admin user and hide it for all other users.just copy past the below code to your wordpresss theme function.php file and save it.

Modify the Login Logo & Image URL Link

in this section you can change your login panel logo and image url link.hope this function help you for your wordpress optimization as your own.when you will change your login logo enumerate image url,your site be famous to yourself. ? if you want to change the login logo and image url just copy past this below code to your theme functions.

after that if you want to use the site logo to replace the login logo, you can use the following to dynamically pull that information.

function for your wordpress admin dashboard to showing your custom posts in Right Now section.when users should login to your wordpress site they can see this width for the custom post type that you want to display for your users.yes you can change this custom post type to your own.just copy and edit this below code and place to your wp theme function.php file.

hope the functions help you.if you don’t understand something,just drop your comment.i will try to help you.

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