Last Forum Update Thumbonail System for wapka

wapka webmasters have been looking for a method to create thumbnails for their wapka sites like blogspot, bloggers,wordpress do. So Today i’ll gonna described How to Setup Thumbonail system in Wapka Forum site.

Step: 1 ❏ 1st Login Your Wapka ID And Go To Edit Text>Forum/chat Now Search Submit And Put This Code

Now Search Theme name and past this code-

Then Click Edit…. Step: 2 ❏ Now Go to your Admin mode Simply paste it in your Wpka bottom forum & Homepage-

Step: 3❏ Now Go To Edit Site>>Wap2>>style for content in forum/ chat>>Global settings of forum/ chat>>Themes In Forum>>And search ::theme:: in 1st box and replace by that code-

than Now Go To Edit Site>>Wap2>>style for content in forum/chat>>Global settings of forum/ chat>>Message In Forum>>And search ::THEME_ NAME:: in 3rd boxand replace by that code-

Step: 4[/code] ❏ For last update forum

Enjoy last updat pic……………….. Kono somosha hola to ime ase. Comment now

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