How to make wordpress 404.php theme file seo friendly -

How to make wordpress 404.php theme file seo friendly

seo friendly

seo friendly

hi beginners,today i’m going to give you a special tips for wordpress seo technique.this tutorial you can learn and setting up your wordpress theme file 404.php with the best seo friendly.why need to make 404.php file seo friendly?

the page you often see when clicking on any link saying “404 Error” or “Page not Found” or “Page cannot be displayed” etc etc. is basically a 404 Error Page. Its like a dead-end for your user. Which can lead to exit of Website Surfing and obviously no one wants to see his visitors leave like that. So here are some tips to get the best out of the 404 Page.

Giving useful links and information on a 404 page can help your user stay and go more around your Website or Blog. You can check out mine here.

Showing a Search box, some recent Post or list of archives is a good way to let user stay on the Blog more.

Create a 404.php page in your theme folder if you don’t have already. You can use any styles and HTML tags you want, to fit your needs. But try using the same design structure that of Blog, so the page looks like its also part of the Blog.

Make sure you have these basic PHP Codes in your 404 file. The easy way is to follow The Custom Page Template Tutorial to create a 404 page and insert content as u like it.


SEO friendly

when you make your wp site for blogging or others,you just need to seo your wp site,but when your wp site will be down/users search with a keyword that was posted on your wordpress site – but not available’s deleted form your site,when visitor going to search with this keyword – now not available to your blog,but google/others search engine was indexed this post when google robots come into your site for finding this post from a keyword search,then this 404.php page will be display.but if you have some technique to get visitor from this 404.php file,you can.just follow my instructions and get hug visitor from 404 error page that located on your theme file.

How to seo friendly 404 error page?

this session you can make easier better wp seo for 404 not found more talking about,just follow the below instructions.


we know


files details,the <?php get_header();?> call header.php file, <?php get_sidebar();?> call the sidebar.php file and <?php get_footer();?> cal the theme footer.start editing to your wp theme file 404.php and add this functions for search engine text indexing and showing on search results.most important of the functions that also help your website for getting most of the visitor.make your 404.php file fill-up with content to finding most of the visitors.

Display Archive by Months

this functions can help you with your wordpress previous post and add this function to your 404.php theme file:

This code will display archive by months, but it will list all months. So it might become a mess if you have a blog that is three years old.

Display most tagged posts

it is a good technique to target search engine.because,tag could look like a post title,so it will became a post title for most used tag post and search engine also index the text from your 404.php file.

add the above code to your 404 not found page that located on your theme file.

Display Recent Post

it’s a big solutions to giving needed post text or title that conference with new post called recent will show recently posted from your wordpress blog.add this below code to your theme 404.php file.

this is the best and usable functions for wp seo from 404.php file you can get visitor from your 404 not found page…



use the seo friendly html tag <h1><h2><h3><h4><h5><h6>.this tag also help you to make your content valuable.



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