How to design your wapka content manager apps/software/games list page and download page

Today we will design wapka content manager games/apps/software list and download page

lets go

simply go

wapka content manager » software/apps/games »  Set unified category page »  Set Unified category page for Software

Than past this code fore

past this code ->page format box


past this code ->Line format for the list of categories Box

and thene click Next step

in this page again you see two box

past this code ->page format box

past this code ->Line Format for list of Software  box

we finished our list item desing now we desing our main download page

Now go

->content manager-> Guidelines->  About unified displayed page-> Set Unified displayed page for Software/games/apps-> 

Then past this code in->page formats box

then confirm congratulation we have been finished desing for our download list item page and download page

Thank you

if u faced any problem then comment us


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